Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day 732

I cleaned the furnace filters today. You probably wouldn't guess why I felt so compelled to do this right now. You see, the furnace guy is coming out on Monday. I don't want him to get on my case for letting the electrostatic filters get dirty. I could care less if people think I'm a little insensitive to my fellow man. I definitely don't want the repair guys to think I mistreat my tools and appliances though. I think I always clean the furnace just before the furnace repairman comes over.

The weird noise I keep hearing when I start the car seems to be getting louder, so I stopped by an AutoZone store and got a bottle of power steering fluid while I was running errands this afternoon. It seems like the last time I heard this noise, low power steering fluid was the problem.

I tore one of the fitted sheets while I was making the bed recently, so I picked up another set of sheets while I was running errands too. Jeez, when did sheets get so expensive? Like just about everything else I've purchased recently, the price for a set of fitted sheets seems to have doubled since the last time I looked for these things. All those people who say inflation isn't a problem are nuts. Inflation is a big problem! My haircut yesterday cost more than it did the last time. Gas prices seem to be going up again. The price of my favorite coffee beans are going way up. It's ridiculous.

When I went up on the roof today to get rid of the leaves, I didn't expect to find water. There it was though. Another little lake of water to sweep away. Where did all this water come from? I don't even think it rained yesterday. At least it was warm this afternoon. No dog coats to struggle with and just a light jacket for myself.

I was feeling pretty good until one of my doctors called today and told me he thought I needed a MRI. Evidently when the radiologist evaluated the CAT scan I had done last week, he saw something he didn't like. They can take all the scans they want. It's what comes after the scans that I don't particularly want to deal with.

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