Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 747 - New Year's Day

The dogs had fun today. There were lots of walks, a trip to the dog park, and several tasty holiday plates to lick. I'm sure they'd prefer to live like this everyday, but on most days Janet and I work while the dogs spend their time sleeping. Nobody did much sleeping today. After staying up way too late last night watching a Top Gear marathon on TV, we all got up surprisingly early.

The smell of cooking permeated the air for most of the day. While Janet cooked, I attacked a large pile of papers that has been accumulating in one corner of the office since late May. Most of these papers were old insurance and financial statements that I kept because I didn't really understand them when they first arrived. If I get a bill in the mail, I'll pay it right away. If I get a spreadsheet or financial chart in the mail however, I'll usually just throw it in a big box to deal with later. I guess later came today.

Most of the paper ended up going straight into the paper shredder, but a few documents ended up being transferred to another brown box because they still seemed important enough to deal with later. I didn't really deal with any of the paper today. What would be the point, since most of it was mailed to me last Summer. I really should check the "I'd like to go paperless" box on some of these things. Maybe this year I"ll stop saving the paper entirely. I used to be so meticulous about saving everything for my accountant, until he revealed to me last year that he didn't even read it. "If I actually looked at all those ring binders you send me," he said. "I'd have to charge you a lot more." OK. I think I'm getting the picture now. All my accountant wants is a disc with my Quickbooks files. My stockbroker doesn't like to send me paper because when I actually do look at it, it usually makes me mad. And what about all those things from the health insurance company that say "this is not a bill" even though they look like a bill. What's that all about. Maybe I will go paperless this year.

I tried to unclog my big printer today and ran out of ink before the cleaning process could be completed. I probably shouldn't have even bought a new large format printer. Making huge prints used to seem real important to me when I was interested in doing gallery shows. I don't think gallery shows are worth the trouble anymore. It usually costs more to frame a large show than you make in sales. The more shows you have, the more money you lose. After a while you end up with a storage warehouse full of unsold pictures. I've loaned pictures to clients and friends all over town, and I still have a storage warehouse full of unsold photos.

I wonder what surprises 2012 has in store for me? Even though I think I know it all, there is always something major that totally catches me by surprise. I hope my health holds out for a few more years. It was kind of touch and go this year. I guess I ought to count my blessings though. I'm actually more active than I was ten years ago. I can still fit into the same size jeans I wore in college. Even though my liver is a bit dodgy and I'm a bit too close to becoming a diabetic for my comfort zone, everything still basically works. We'll just take things a year at a time.

I'm not even going to wish for any more work this year. I've got all the work I can handle. I do wish all my clients the best though. Maybe if their business improves in 2012, they can afford to pay me a bit more.

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  1. Here's to good health for you! You are much too young for things to be failing. And I hope you figure out the balance between digital and paper and work and play (then you can pass along that wisdom to me- HAHA!)