Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 787

Today was one of those "death by a thousand cuts" type of days. There were no major disappointments. Just a lot of little ones. The routine nature of my life wouldn't seem so onerous if the routine things I did over and over again were actually fun. For the most part, they aren't. I find myself continually fixing the same things around the house, only to find them break again a few weeks later. I keep working on an endless stream of projects for less than half of what I really think I should get paid. Even when I walk the dogs, I am continually pulling disgusting dead things out of their mouths whenever I drop my guard for a minute and start looking at the scenery.

I went out for breakfast again this morning and am reluctantly coming to the conclusion that my own breakfasts are much better. I just wish I wasn't so slow. I spend forever dicing bell peppers into precise little cubes and whisking my eggs just so, to ensure that there are no lumpy spots in my omelet. I can't even make coffee quickly, since I insist on grinding fresh beans every morning.

I've been noticing that when I go out to eat, I'm one of very few people who eat alone. Women never seem to eat breakfast alone. Most of the men don't either. When the occasional solo diner does appear, it is inevitably a disheveled looking man who looks like he lives under a bridge somewhere. I certainly hope I don't appear that way to other diners. Maybe I do though. I certainly don't get much objective feedback from the dogs.

Tomorrow, Janet and I are going to pick up another abandoned Dalmatian. This dog, like the previous one we picked up, is coming from an out of town animal shelter, so we'll be meeting another volunteer who will pick up the dog from the pound and take her to a halfway point where we will take her the rest of the way to the Dalmatian Rescue kennels in Dallas. We've been able to find homes for these dogs very quickly this year, so this girl probably won't be with us long. I'll take some pictures and show her to you tomorrow.

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  1. I feel the same way about eating out. I like my own cooking a lot better, but I don't like the work of the cooking itself.

    Have a great day!

  2. Eating alone sucks.That's when I feel most alone - to me eating is a social activity, although world-watching does have its rewards.
    Keep grinding the beans, John!