Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 765

I spent most of the day creating individual web pages for each of the employees I photographed yesterday. This used to be a fairly straightforward process, but it seems to take twice as long now, since people expectations are higher. It's not enough to quickly slap a picture and a bio on a page anymore. Now, people expect me to remove blemishes and color correct blotchy skin. I really wish the general public had never even heard of Photoshop. What really gets me is some people will complain that their new picture doesn't look as good as the previous one that might have been taken five years ago. Jeez, you were five years younger. Of course you looked better then,

I noticed my neighbors hauling large, bulky items out to the curb while while I was taking our trash bucket out for tomorrow's collection day. I wonder if I'll have the time to trim all the dead branches off the bushes and shrubs in the back year before big trash day? They only pick up these bulky items once a month and I always seem to miss the day. I still have some writing jobs that need to be completed before the weekend, but maybe I'll have time tomorrow to get out the reciprocating saw and tidy up the yard a bit.

I haven't been sleeping well lately. I don't have insomnia of anything. I just wake up over and over again. I go back to sleep quickly enough, but it is irritating. I think the dogs are waking me up in an attempt to push me out of the bed, but there's always a chance that a perverse part of my brain is causing me to wake up, just to see if the furnace is still working. This furnace is driving me nuts. It is absolutely reliable for an indeterminate amount of time, and then for no apparent reason, it becomes absolutely unreliable for another indeterminate period of time. Back and forth it goes like this; never really really stopping and never being totally reliable either.

The results of the blood test I took at the health food store last Saturday arrived in the mail today. For the first time on many months, every single parameter was within the normal range. Does this mean I can go back to drinking scotch and having bacon for breakfast? Sadly, no. I was puzzled why Janet's results didn't come in the mail along with mine. When I asked her later this evening, she said "Because I didn't go. Only you took the test." It's a good thing it was a blood test, not an IQ test.

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