Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 779 - Groundhog Day

Everything seemed a bit out of sync today. I guess I've come to expect this on Groundhog Day. Ever since the 1993 Bill Murray movie, I've ceased to think of Groundhog Day as a predictor of an early Spring. Instead, it has become a weird little holiday celebrating endless drudgery. My life is a lot like the movie. I keep doing the same things over and over again.

Today I returned a client's call, only to discover the call had actually been made several days ago. I'm always slow to return calls to my cell phone. I just never notice them. Someday callers will learn that I don't use this device to talk with people. I just like the handy little camera. I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, only to discover that they were out of stock. This happens again and again as well. You'd think the automated phone system would say "don't bother to come until tomorrow", instead of saying "your prescription will be ready at 3 PM." No such luck however. The phone system is always wrong. Later, I got up on the roof with a caulking gun and applied a tube of Henry 209 patch to all the places that looked a little damp last week. I've done this more times than I care to count. Will it work this time? Who knows. I should find out fairly quickly though. I think it is supposed to rain this evening.

I found out several months ago that my dentist would be retiring soon. I've been thinking that I should go over and get my dental records, along with a recommendation for a new dentist before the office closed for good. Today seemed like a good day to do this, and wouldn't you know; I waited too long. The office was locked and appeared empty. I guess I should have done this last month. Oh, well. I go to see the dentist so seldom that I probably don't have many dental records anyway.

Even though I wasn't running on all cylinders today, I did remember to take the trash out to the street tonight. That means it's Friday tomorrow. TGIF.

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