Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 786

I spent the morning updating pictures on one of the animal rescue websites I manage. The animals were all puppies and kittens when I initially put them online, but they had grown so much that they didn't look the same anymore. You'd like to think that all rescue animals find their forever homes quickly, but sometimes it takes quite a while.

After I got all the animals straightened out, I went to work on writing a brochure for my latest client. This was a small job, but I'm always a bit apprehensive when doing something the first time for someone new. Some people are happy with just about anything, while others are so picky that nothing will please them. You never really know what kind of client you've got until you turn in that first job.

I almost ordered some new gear today. When I went to the website to place my order, it said the item I wanted was out of stock. This was actually a good thing. By the time the object of my desire is back on the shelves, I may have lost interest in it. Hopefully, this is what will happen. I am continually buying stuff I don't really need at the moment, just so I'll have it in case I need it in the future. People who don't buy equipment at all and just rent what they need when the job comes along probably do a lot better than me. Unfortunately, I don't like to rent things. I'm always nervous that I'm going to break the rented equipment, plus it's just no fun if the gear isn't mine.

Have any of you other bloggers heard about Google Friend Connect being discontinued on March 1? Apparently, the service will still be available to those who host their blog on Blogger, but everyone else may lose their followers. I've always thought it was a good idea to have a Blogger blog, since I'm convinced that Google always takes care of its own first. I know people though who have Wordpress or Typepad blogs that still use Google Friend Connect however. I wonder what these people will do? It would be sad to spend years building a good follower base and then lose it all just because Friend Connect disappeared.

Maybe I'll go out for breakfast again tomorrow. I've enjoyed eating out on Friday morning for the past several weeks. I'd get fat in a hurry if I ate out every day, but I don't think one day a week could do a lot of harm.

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