Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 809

I forgot that one of the things that comes along with an early Spring is an early onset of Spring allergies. For the past several days I've been wheezing and sneezing like crazy. This happens to me every year when the grass pollen starts to blow in the wind. Usually my grass pollen allergies start a few months later, however. Even with all the sneezing, it was still a very nice day.

We went up this morning to visit Patches, our newest Dalmatian Rescue dog. While we were there, we said goodby to Molly, who was on her way to her new home this afternoon. Patches, who is today's Dalmatian of the Day, was delightful. She was as friendly as could be and should find a home very quickly. She was hard to take pictures of though, since she never quit moving. Patches doesn't like to stand still.

Wall outlets are always at a premium in the office, since I've got so many things plugged in. I went to Home Depot and got another plug strip and I could plug in a few more things. When I got behind the desk to look for an outlet to plug in the new power strip, I found half a dozen black wall warts that weren't connected to anything, even though they were still plugged into a wall socket. These were all remnants of earlier computer systems. I guess when various printers, scanners and external hard drives became obsolete, I just unplugged the other end of the cable and left the wall warts intact. This was certainly easier than moving the desk like I did today. To make a long story short, just by unplugging all the unused extension cords and wall warts, I instantly had all the outlets I needed for my new gear. There are still a lot of cables behind the desk that don't appear to go to anything, however. I really need to totally start over in this office, but it's such a lot of work.

Dot and Dash seem to love all the new Spring smells in the park. I wish they wouldn't be quite so exuberant though. Dash is so strong and so eager to chase after things that I think I'm going to have a permanently dislocated shoulder.

Patches is today's Dalmatian of the Day

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