Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 815

It wasn't the best of days. The furnace quit this morning and I wasted a lot of time monkeying around with the thermostat, trying to get it to start again. I was hoping the last repair visit would take me through the rest of the winter, and it almost did. I think I would have been just fine if Winter hadn't unexpectedly returned a couple of days ago. The furnace wasn't the only temperamental machine today either. When I started the car later in the day, I was greeted with a squealing sound that told me instantly the power steering system was leaking again. Oh, well.

The dogs didn't seem too happy with the day either. Both of them barked incessantly all day. It was very windy today and every time a tree limb brushed against the roof, Dot went crazy. She a good little watchdog, but sometimes I don't think she knows what she's barking at. Dash is usually pretty quiet, but if Dot barks long enough, he'll join in too. Inevitably, whenever the dogs choose to have a barking spree turns out to be exactly the time when clients call with difficult problems to solve.

I had two clients call with website problems today and I could barely hear either of them. The first call involved third part code that wouldn't work. I still haven't been able to contact the developers, but eventually this problem will be solved. The second call was from a client who was unhappy where Google placed them on their maps. I keep trying to tell people that I have no control whatsoever over where Google places you on a map, but that doesn't stop people from asking. This time I think the location dot on the map was on the wrong side of the street. How quickly we take things for granted. Hey, the map did get people pretty close. I think if you went to where the dot on the map was, you could look around and actually see the sign on the building.

I was supposed to get my March invoices out today, but my website problems put me so far behind that the invoices are still sitting in a pile on my desk. At least I found time to run to Central Market and pick up dinner for tonight. I'll finish the invoices tomorrow after the HVAC folks come to look at the furnace. That is sure to be another barking frenzy. The dogs should know by now that the furnace repairman is one of the good guys. Jeez, Dot and Dash don't like the cold any more than I do. They ought to be welcoming the furnace guy.

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