Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 851

Today was more or less of a lost cause. I wasted an enormous amount of time this morning trying to renew my Skype accounts using Paypal. I've renewed my Skype phone number this way for several years now, but for some reason it didn't work this time. Paypal technical support, which is very good, said there was nothing wrong with my Paypal account. Skype technical support, which is terrible, ate up my morning with their silly live chat system. After explaining my problem over and over again and waiting up to five minutes for a reply in the chat window, the service representative typed that they had no idea what the problems was and they would have to "escalate" my service request. Jeez, Skype is a phone company, or at least kind of a phone company. Why can't you ever talk to someone on the phone at Skype? I guess I didn't need Skype anyway.

I was supposed to photograph two new Dalmatians today, but the weather was bad and the dogs didn't appear to be comfortable posing in a windstorm. In most of the pictures, the dogs ears were blowing backwards like they had stuck their head out the window of a car going sixty miles an hour. I think I'll have to go back and take these pictures again on a nicer day.

I think the really bad weather is North of us in Oklahoma and Kansas. All we have here is a lot of wind and some ominous looking clouds. There were a few light sprinkles while I was getting groceries, but I was still able to give the dogs their evening walk without any of us getting wet. Things don't look so good for our Sunday trip to the dog park however. Everyone says it is going to rain buckets in Dallas tomorrow.

I'm going to try to get some stuff moved to the larger storage warehouse tomorrow. I've got to get things moved before the end of the month when my contract for the smaller warehouse runs out. So far, I've moved virtually nothing. Why do I wait until the last minute for everything? If I hadn't waited until the last day before my Skype accounts expired, I probably wouldn't have had so many problems with them either.

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