Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 868

If you still don't think the government has entirely too many rules and regulations, just try selling a house. I finished filling out a mandatory seller's disclosure form this afternoon. I wasn't really surprised at the questions about whether lead paint had ever been used in the dwelling. What surprised me were all the questions about whether the property had ever been a habitat for an endangered species of animal or if it has been designated as a wetlands area. They were very keen about floods too. They seemed to want to know if there had ever been a flood in the area since the dawn of creation. I don't remember selling property being this difficult before. Actually, nothing used to be this difficult. We have entered a brave new world where everyone is trying to protect us from ourselves. I still prefer a much simpler world where smoking is fine and seatbelts in your car are optional.

Nevertheless, I filled out a ton of forms and gave them all to the real estate agent. When in Rome, and all that. I couldn't help feeling that the forms were just a bunch of "gotcha" questions. Maybe if your roof had ever leaked, or your dishwasher has ever overflowed unto the kitchen floor, you wouldn't be able to sell your house at all. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole process was a bit like getting your car safety inspected. If your house isn't up to snuff in certain areas, there are probably government mandated repairs you need to make. They're probably expensive too.

I'm starting to get close to a self imposed deadline to show my initial website designs to my new client. To make sure I get finished on time, I devoted the entire day to working on the look of their new site. There's still a lot to be done, but I made a lot of progress today. Two or three more days like this and I'll have something ready to show. This doesn't mean I'll be done of course. It just means I'll be entering phase two: the inevitable revisions.

The vet called today and said the Dash has an elevated white cell count. This usually means that the body is fighting off some sort of infection. The vet said that she saw redness in his gums and that he might have the beginnings of Periodontal disease. I worry that he might have Ehrlichia or Lyme Disease, since I have seen ticks on him recently. I know just enough about medicine to be a perpetual hypochondriac. Unfortunately, I don't know enough to do anything useful.

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