Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 876

I try to document each day with a nice picture. Lately the pictures have been of wildflowers the dogs and I see on our daily walks. I could just as easily show you pictures of the leak under the kitchen sink, or the dust balls gathering in the corners of my office, but I'd like to preserve the illusion that my days are pleasant and idyllic.

Actually, even the wildflowers aren't that idyllic. Usually, Dot is lunging at a squirrel or Dash is trying to catch a Duck while I'm trying to take the picture. Keeping the flowers in focus for more than a few seconds is a challenge.

Even with two rambunctious Dalmatians in tow, the morning walks are usually the most pleasant part of my day. After we returned home from today's outing, I spent the better part of the day refining the design of the new website I'll be presenting next week. Now that I've got a logo designed for the company and some real photographs in place, the site is starting to look pretty good. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I'm pretty confident now that I'll be able to meet my deadline.

I'm not so sure that I'll be able to meet the deadline of getting all my stuff out of the old storage warehouse. I did some more moving this afternoon and continue to be amazed at how much I was able to cram into the little room. I've finally managed to disassemble all the large shelves and reassemble them in the larger space. I'm going to have to buy some more industrial shelving though to clean up the mess I've made in the new larger space. I had the old space packed like a Rubik's cube. I'd really like the new space to be a little more functional.

Training class was great tonight. The weather was beautiful. The dogs were all in a good mood. Even Dash did most of the exercises perfectly. The only sour note to the entire evening was the sound of me continually blowing my nose because of my Spring allergies.

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