Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 904

I got the repair estimates on my car today. Ouch! The problem with having an old British car is that certain parts can be very expensive. There are a variety of things wrong with the car, but the expensive thing is going to be getting a new power steering pump. I was hoping that there was just a leak in the lines, but unfortunately the entire pump has gone out. I could buy a reasonably decent used car for the price of this pump. In the past, an expensive repair like this would have convinced me that it was time to trade the car for something new. There comes a point in every car's life where it costs more to keep the car running than to get something new. I've reached that point, but unfortunately times have changed. The cars that I like to drive have become ungodly expensive and I'm not making as much money as I used to. With few alternatives, I just keep repairing the Defender 90.

On the bright side of things, I did manage to get rid of the horrible Chevy Cruze. The dealer took pity on me and gave me a new LR-2 to drive until my repairs are complete. Since some of the parts have to be ordered from Europe, I might be driving this loaner car for a long time. That's one thing I've always liked about Land Rover. They have great service. I may be driving the oldest Land Rover in town, but they still treat me like I'm a basketball player driving a tricked out Range Rover with 26 inch Asanti wheels. Unfortunately I can't say the same thing for Enterprise. The treat everyone like they're trying to rent their cars to harvest a marijuana crop or dispose of a dead body. I try to avoid Enterprise.

The day started out nice enough, but storm clouds started rolling in by early afternoon. I expected the dogs to panic when the thunderstorms started. What I didn't expect was for my U-verse service to go out again one day after I got everything fixed. Luckily, this just seemed to be a temporary glitch. An hour or two after the connection went down, it mysteriously returned again. So far, U-verse is turning out to be a lot like cable. It's great when it works, but not so great when there's a problem. 

I was hoping that the rain would quit so the dogs could go to training class this evening. No such luck. It's still raining as we speak, and Dot is hiding under the desk, waiting nervously for the thunder to stop. I'm just hoping that we make it through the night without a roof leak. I've learned the hard way that it's pretty stupid to try to clear the water off the roof in the dark. I've got plenty of buckets. We'll just wait until morning.

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