Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 927

I got my car back today. It's always nice to be able to return the loaner car before I inadvertently wreck it. This time I was a bit reluctant to give up the loaner though. It was so nice to be driving a brand new Land Rover with sat-nav, a performance handling package, and nice smelling leather seats. I knew it was going to be a low blow to return to the old Defender. Land Rover repairs are so expensive that I almost didn't notice there was a discrepancy in my bill. As my service advisor handed me the keys and I was preparing to drive off, I asked him if they had done anything extra, since my bill seemed a bit higher than the price I remembered on the estimate. The service guy said he'd take a look at the bill and discovered  he'd charged me for the power steering pump twice. Oops. They refunded me $822 and off I went.

As often happens when I take my car in for repairs, I hadn't driven ten miles before I discovered that the overhead lights no longer worked and the clock stopped when I opened the driver's side door. I went back to the dealership again and they fixed this problem as well, while I sipped a Dr. Pepper in the showroom and fantasized about a nearby Range Rover I could never afford. I never get upset about little service glitches. I think they are a car dealer's equivalent of the spelling errors I sometimes make when I am updating websites. If you get distracted, you are going to make a mistake, and Lord knows there are plenty of distractions these days.

I started on a new website project today. Amazingly, these guys want to simplify their current site, instead of making it more complicated. Yay! I'm a big fan of keeping things simple. Hopefully, I'll have this new site finished in about three weeks. When I have a lot of writing jobs, I wish I had more website work like this. Of course, when I have a lot of website jobs, I wish I had more writing jobs instead. I'm never really happy.

I am happy that it's the weekend again. I'm happy that the market went up today as well. Especially since I bought some shares yesterday when everything was down. It's rare that I actually guess an entry point correctly. The dogs are certainly happy it's the weekend. It's all about dogs during the weekend at our house.

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