Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 934

Today was a somewhat social day for a solitary soul like myself. I went back to the cool restaurant for breakfast this morning and ran into a photographer friend who lives in the neighborhood. He and I could easily have talked about the declining revenues of commercial photographers, or what to do with old film cameras, but we found something far more interesting to chat about: the behavior of our dogs.

I find these little neighborhood restaurants fascinating. They are all located with a few miles of my house. They all have a basically similar menu. But each restaurant seems to attract a completely different group of people. The cool restaurant seems to attract advertising people, which isn't surprising, since advertising people are drawn to trendy things like moths to a flame. The restaurant with the good bacon seems to attract school teachers. I never dreamed that school teachers had so much time on their hands until I started going to this place. Surprisingly, the restaurant with the best food doesn't attract anybody at all. The place does a good dinner business, but nobody seems to come for breakfast. In another surprise, the restaurant with the unhealthiest menu seems to attract the very people who need healthy food the most. I actually like all these places, but still think my own cooking is the best.

I was starting to look like Don Imus on a bad hair day, so I went and got a haircut this afternoon. Morning and afternoon conversation is kind of a rarity for me. My hair stylist likes to talk about vacations and family problems. I don't like to talk about either of these things, but do my best to keep up my end of the conversation. I often think I could save a fortune by just going to a regular barber, but a good haircut is one of those little luxuries you really hate to give up. Betty is expensive, but she never fails to make me look younger, so I guess it's worth it.

I wish they had iPads when I was first learning to play the guitar. I've installed GarageBand on my iPad and am using it to practice playing my new guitar. It's fabulous. The iPad is small and unobtrusive and yet the GarageBand software faithfully emulates half a dozen well known guitar amps. If I play through earphones, I don't bother Janet either. So far, I'm having a lot of fun relearning things I forgot twenty years ago. The best thing is that playing doesn't bother my hand as much as I though it would. I'm beginning to think the exercise might actually be good for my Carpal Tunnel.

So, for those of you who think I'm too negative, I've had a good day. I had breakfast with a friend, got a haircut that made me look younger, and took a trip down memory lane with my Stratocaster. Not bad for a Friday.

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