Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 983

I should have stayed another day in Vegas. I guess I wasn't thinking ahead. By returning to the office before the work week was actually over, I opened a big can of worms. I started receiving requests before I even finished breakfast to finish projects that people thought were already late. Jeez, if I'd just stayed one more day. That would have been enough to postpone all these attempts to cram an entire week's worth of work into a single day. Sure, I'd still have to play catch up on Monday, but the weekend definitely would have been nicer.

Needless to say, I was very busy today. Between the phone calls and all the replies to e-mail messages, I managed to update three websites, edit 100 photos in Photoshop, and write another article. Did I get everything done? Nope.

The dogs must have had a good time at the boarding kennel. I can't think of any other reason why they were so active today. They got us out of bed at least an hour earlier than usual, and once they had everybody up, there were places to go and things to do. Usually Dot and Dash are lethargic on a hot day like this. Today they were eager for activity. They raced around the back yard, got us to take them on long walks, did some energetic counter surfing during meals, and generally acted like puppies.  Maybe playing with other dogs for a week did them good.

I forgot to take the garbage out to the street last night. I actually totally forgot that it was Friday today, until the calls to get back to work started pouring in. Forgetting to take out the garbage isn't a good thing. Now we'll have to wait until next Friday, while the can gets filled to overflowing with the remnants of our seemingly excessive consumption.

There was no breakfast outing at a neighborhood restaurant this morning. I was too busy working. I guess it's just as well that this little ritual was disrupted. I've been eating breakfast in restaurants all week long.

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