Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 988

A guy came out to look at the tree on the roof today. The first thing he said was "I should have brought my saw. This will only take me twenty minutes or so." Too bad he didn't bring his saw, because he had plenty of time today. The tree guy was very talkative. Nothing happened with the tree, but we spent the next hour up on the roof solving the world's problems. The guy wanted to talk about politics, which is probably my least favorite subject. At first I thought he was a Democrat. Then I though he was a Republican. Then, I finally figured out that Ron Paul was who he really liked. I kind of like Ron Paul myself, but he could never get elected president. He is just too blunt and too honest. Even though a lot of time was wasted chatting on the roof, I liked the tree guy. Too bad he can't  trim my trees until the middle of September.

I had to print some DVD labels today and discovered, much to my surprise, that my label printing software didn't work any more. It used to work. I haven't really changed anything. What's the problem? This kind of thing happens far too often. Probably some minor system upgrade conflicted with the Epson printer driver and the whole thing went kaput. I tried to look on the Internet for a solution, and the most recent reference to the problem I was having was dated 2004. I think it was probably a different problem back then. Now I'll probably have to go buy a whole new kind of label printing software and hope that it works. Of course, I could always just write the title on the disc with a laundry marker, but I like to look professional.  Oh, well.  One more unsolved problem to deal with tomorrow.

I'm finally getting caught up with my work. I added a bunch of Boxer puppies to a rescue website. I added a page about a Halloween party to another website. I think I've only got one unfinished article to write. Things are definitely looking up.

I know it's still Summer, but it seemed like a pleasant Fall evening at dog training class tonight. There was a nice breeze. The temperature wasn't bad. The only thing that put a damper on the evening was that it's starting to get dark again during class. I think the dogs would agree that our class is much more enjoyable when the sun is up.

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