Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 992

Jeez. I feel like I've spent the entire day doing laundry. In the short amount of time between when I got up this morning and when Dot got up, she managed to throw up on the sheets, the bedspread, the pillows and the bedroom carpet. We have a house where the floors are mostly brick, but somehow both dogs prefer to throw up on soft fuzzy things. I even had to throw the mattress pad in the washer this time to clean up all the mess. Happily, Dot is feeling a little better though. She managed to hold down her breakfast and isn't coughing as bad as she was yesterday.

In  between the endless loads of laundry, I found time to mow the grass and straighten up the house a bit. Janet said that Dash enjoyed being on his own at today's rescue event. I could tell that Dot wanted to go too, but she needed to rest.

I enjoyed the Dr. Who season opener last night. Rumor has it that Jenna-Louise Coleman, the girl in the crashed spaceship in last night's premier, will end up being the doctor's new companion sometime during season seven. I don't know how that's going to happen, because she was turned into a Dalek in last night's show just before the planet she was on blew up. Strange things happen on this show however. I can't even count how many times Amy and Rory Pond have died and come back to life.

It's too bad that Dot feels under the weather. It would be nice to take the dogs somewhere tomorrow, since we have the day off. I'm not sure what dogs like to do on Labor Day, but if it involved food and a chance to run around off leash and smell things, they'd be all for it. We'll see how Dot feels in the morning. If worse comes to worse, she and I can just watch old stuff on TV that we've already seen. That's what we did today.

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