Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 995

Well, today was a complete waste. I waited and waited and waited for the U-verse guy. When I finally lost my patience and was about to give up completely, I get an automated call from AT&T. "Your technician has been delayed," the message said. No shit! It would have been nice if they told me this about five hours earlier. I waited a couple of hours longer and the technician finally shows up. He can't find anything wrong. This isn't surprising, since there wasn't anything wrong today. The problem is intermittent. "You know there is a problem," I told the technician, "because AT&T always does a line check before they will dispatch a service technician. The technician agreed and kept looking around. When he got to the modem, he asked "Did you add these line filters?" "No," I said. "The last technician added them." "Well, he shouldn't have," the technician says. "This modem has built-in line filters."

This is so typical. I think Obama learned to blame everything on George Bush from service technicians. They always blame any problem on the previous service technician. Don't these guys ever have staff meetings so they can get on the same page? The last guy thought the line filters were real important. This guy just tells me that the last guy was an idiot. I guess time will tell. Everything is working now, but it's only been a few hours.

Dot is probably going to have relapse of her bronchitis after barking at the service technician for several hours. I just can't get her to stop. She apparently doesn't want anyone in the house except for Janet and me. Usually, this isn't a problem. I lead a pretty solitary existence. Often, we go for months between visitors.

Dot and I skipped training class tonight because Dot is still coughing a bit and if she does have kennel cough, she might be contagious. Janet took Dash to the class, while Dot stayed behind to help me with the blog. I'll be curious to see if Dash is any more obedient with Janet than he is with me. If I were a betting men, I'd bet against seeing any dramatic changes. Dash learned all the commands years ago. He's just stubborn.

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