Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 1009

Don't let me near an electronics store when I'm bored. I stopped by AT&T on the way back from the post office and let the sales guy give me the pitch on the new iPhone 5. I really don't need one of these things, but I'll probably end up getting one anyway. The phone store guy tried to convince me that I needed their new Mobile Share plan. He said it was a great plan and would save the normal user a lot of money. The only problem was that I'm not a normal user.

I already have a gazillion rollover minutes. Last month I think I sent one text message. Why would I want a plan where the key feature is unlimited voice and text? The guy said "You're definitely going to want our protection plan, in case you drop your phone in the water, or break the glass." I never get these type of plans. The stores push them so hard because they are very profitable for them. My experience is that if your gizmo breaks right away, the factory warranty is pretty good, and if it lasts longer than a year it will probably run forever. I find all these calling plans confusing. Generally, when I add up the numbers, most of these money saving plans end up costing me more than what I'm already paying. I wish AT&T had a calling plan for someone who just wanted a pretty phone, but rarely used it.

I got a new writing assignment from one of my European clients. I'm supposed to write several articles about steam turbines. Do I know anything about steam turbines? Nope. This isn't as much of a problem as you might think. New subjects are usually more interesting than things you've done hundreds of times already. I guess I'll be learning a lot about steam turbines in the next several weeks.

I wish Dash would learn to go through the tunnel at training class. Dogs who have already had some agility training zip through the cloth tunnel, but Dash won't get anywhere near it. I wonder if he'd even go through a doggie door? He really doesn't like to go through anything small. Last year at training class, I couldn't even get Dash to jump through a hula hoop. Dot loves this sort of stuff. She sailed right through the tunnel tonight.

Do any of you other bloggers know if Entrecard is down again? I haven't been able to access the site for several days now. If I haven't visited your blog today, that's probably why.

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