Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 1027

Brrr. It was cold this morning. Since there is still no heat, the inside and outside temperatures at the house have gradually equalized. It's about 64 degrees everywhere now. As much as I hate to deal with the whole situation, I'm going to call the HVAC folks tomorrow and see about getting a brand new furnace. I thought briefly about trying to patch the old furnace up for one more year, but it's hopeless. I know the old furnace needs a new gas valve and they don't even make the part anymore. I've patched up the furnace so many times that I think the repairs themselves have become part of the problem. The whole thing is just a bunch of replacement components installed at very different times, all trying without much success to communicate with each other.

The dogs don't seem to mind the cold nearly as much as I do. I guess that makes sense, because they've got fur. They certainly enjoyed the cooler weather when they went to the dog park this afternoon. Dash wanted to say hello to everyone in the park and even Dot was playful. I'm sure the dogs will appreciate the new furnace as the weather grows colder, but I'm going to have to board them on the day it is installed. I've already learned that the dogs and repair people aren't a good mix.

I watched that Rumble2012 debate between Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly after dinner. It was actually quite good. Both men tackled difficult subjects, were well informed, and still managed to be funny. I actually learned more from this debate than from the real debate last week. I guess real politicians could never be this candid. Real politicians from both parties have a ton of sacred cows they can't even go near for fear of upsetting their constituents. It was refreshing to hear two different points of view without all the pandering.

This whole weekend zipped by. Between yesterday's Oktoberfest and today's dog park outing, there was barely time to mow the grass and get the groceries. It's going to be a busy week. I've got October invoices to get out. There are technical articles to write. Hopefully, there will be a new furnace before it gets any colder.

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