Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 1033

I didn't notice until I finished running my errands this afternoon that a speaker cover on my car door had fallen off and gotten lost. Since this was an aftermarket item from 1995, I knew it would be hard to replace. I carefully retraced my steps and eventually found the speaker cover in a Home Depot parking lot. A truck had run over it.

I noticed recently that Apple has discontinued the little square iPod nano that I like so much. This confirms my view that products I'm fond of just don't stay on the market long. I've often thought that I ought to hire myself out as a product analyst. If I love it, it's probably going to fail. If I think it's stupid, it's probably going to be a runaway success.

I've always like square things. Hasselblad cameras. Instagram. Andy Warhol portraits of Marilyn. Brionvega radios. Even the coffee table in my living room. Square objects appeal to my inner sense of symmetry. With this rather pronounced bias, it's no surprise that I was one of the first to pair a square iPod nano with a LunaTik case and wear it as a watch. It just seemed like the perfect 21st century way to tell time. I'm tempted to buy up some of the remaining square nanos and put them in the storage warehouse for a while. There will be a time when wearing a square iPod watch will be just as retro cool as driving around in a DeLorean

They are forecasting severe weather in our area later this evening. Although it's not raining now, the dogs seem to confirm this forecast. They both have a nervous look on their face and have been going out on the pack porch to sniff the air. I don't exactly know what they are sensing, but they are pretty good little weather forecasters. Maybe they can smell ozone in the air, or sense a change in barometric pressure. I certainly can't sense anything. It just seems like a warm, windy evening to me.

Hopefully, any rain we might get this evening won't spoil our dog park plans for tomorrow. Dot and Dash have grown to love these weekly visits to the dog park and know exactly when it's time to go. If the trip doesn't materialize for some reason, they definitely let us know about it.

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