Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 1049

I've been watching coverage of Hurricane Sandy off and on throughout the day. I'm glad I don't live in a hurricane zone. We have tornadoes here in Texas, but the odds of actually being struck by a tornado are relatively small. Tornadoes are very localized. A tornado can destroy houses in one block and leave the homes in the next block completely untouched. Texas tornadoes come and go fairly quickly too. Usually if you are under a tornado alert, it will typically all be over in an hour or two. Hurricanes last a lot longer and are much harder to avoid. It looks like Hurricane Sandy is over seven hundred miles wide and is in the process of swallowing up entire states. I'm glad I'm far, far away and I hope that my readers on the East Coast will stay safe.

Monday's are typically slow, but today was not your average Monday. I was busy most of the day making changes to various websites. Most of the updates were easy, but one request was for something I had completely forgotten how to do. Instead of admitting that I didn't have a clue about making this particular update, I spent a couple of hours on Google researching the subject and brushing up on my Javascript skills. By mid-afternoon, I had everything running smoothly. The whole episode taught me a valuable lesson: never put any code on a website that you are likely to forget later.

A saw a large hawk on our morning walk. I think it was a Ferruginous Hawk, but it could easily have been a Red Tail Hawk instead. There are lots of bunnies in the park this year. The hawks have probably returned to eat the bunnies. I need to start taking my camera again, because these birds are beautiful when you catch one in flight.

It's kind of weird to turn on the television and hear people talking about the weather instead of the election. I actually prefer hearing about the weather, even if it is a big storm. I hope the hurricane passes quickly though. I need to order some camera equipment from B&H in New York, and it will be nice when my East Cost clients get back to work again. I certainly didn't get any assignment from the East Coast today.

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