Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 1060

Here's how bored I was today. I pulled off most of the vent registers and proceeded to clean the heating and air conditioning vents with a vacuum cleaner. Most of the vents were just dusty, but the one in the kitchen was apparently a black hole with the ability to suck in everything from dried pasta and dog biscuits to last year's Christmas cookies. I'm sure our grocery bills would have been smaller without this troublesome vent.

It's hard to even remember what I did today. It was really that uneventful. I know pancakes were involved and I answered some e-mail as well. That was about it, with the exception of my little episode with the vacuum cleaner. One of my clients held out the promise of more work in the not too distant future, while another held out the promise of continued confusion about billing. I'm just glad it's Friday.

This weekend will be exceptionally busy. Tomorrow is the first of five Santa Paws pet photo events for Dalmatian Rescue. I've still got to pack up my equipment later this evening, but I've done this so many times that I could do it in my sleep. I got a new muslin backdrop this year because most of our customers are repeats from previous years. I know they would probably like something a little different than the picture they received last year and the year before. My only worry is that the aging lighting equipment will eventually quit working. Well, that's not my only worry. I occasionally worry that I'll quit working as well. These events are murder on my knees. I'm down on the floor photographing the Chihuahuas, and then right back up again when the next dog is a Great Dane. I keep thinking that fashion photography was a lot easier, but memories can be tricky. Probably it just seemed easy because I was in my early 30's then.

On Sunday we take Dot and Dash to a big animal rescue event. Janet and I gave them both baths tonight, so they would be good looking representatives for Dalmatian Rescue. They're so clean they sparkle right now, but they've got a whole day to get dirty again. We'll see how it goes.

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