Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 1091

Brr! It's was very, very cold this morning. With the temperature hovering near freezing, the dogs wore their Winter sweaters and I went looking for my down ski jacket before we departed on our morning walk. I always wonder how you Northerners cope with this kind of weather for months at a time. Just a few days of sub-freezing weather are enough to do me in. One problem is that our house just wasn't designed for cold weather. There is a lot of single-pane floor-to-ceiling glass in the house that lets the heat out almost as effectively as leaving a window open. The other problem is that my office is on the opposite end of the house from the furnace. By the time the hot air makes it down to my end of the house, it's already cool again. If I turn the thermostat up enough to warm up the office, the kitchen is way too hot. The house was designed for Summer. Somehow, the air conditioning cools the house a lot more effectively than the furnace heats it.

I had another ambiguous doctor visit today. Somehow, I never find out anything definitive during these visits. Apparently, I am hovering right near the red line for several serious ailments. So far, I've  always been on the safe side of the red line. The doctor tends to congratulate me on holding my ground, but never really explains why I'm so close to the line in the first place. I've always suspected that the medications I take may be causing more harm than good, but this is often hard to prove and even harder to get a physician to admit. One thing about ambiguous lab results. It usually means that you need a second opinion from a specialist. I'll be making appointments with my hepatologist and urologist tomorrow.

I packed up some books in book boxes and took them to the storage warehouse this afternoon. I like the little corrugated book boxes because they aren't too heavy to carry when full. They don't hold a lot of books however.  At this rate, it will take me about five years to clear off my shelves.

I sure hope it is warmer tomorrow. Dot and Dash hate the cold, but it still takes them just as long to poop on a cold day as on a hot day. This extended walk in the cold usually results in two disgruntled dogs and one very cold dog walker.

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