Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 1421

The rain continued for a second straight day. I put raincoats on the dogs this morning, but halfway through their walk, they decided that they didn't want to wear them anymore. I took the coats off, and the dogs got wet. They didn't like that either. Sustained rain really tests my patience. The car gets muddy. The house gets muddy. The dogs constantly need to be cleaned up. On days like this, I'm either cleaning dogs, doing laundry, or looking at the weather radar on my iPhone.

My doctor's appointment took a lot longer than expected this afternoon. When the doctor finally arrived, he apologized for the delay and said that there had been complications in a surgery he had just completed. This was certainly better than my typical excuses for being late. The best I can usually come up with is that the dogs wouldn't poop on their walk.

My delayed doctor visit ate up so much of my time that I didn't even come close to getting to the gym today. Like it or not, it looks like it might be a two workout week. While I was sitting in the doctor's lobby, I checked on the dogs using the nanny cam app. Both dogs have a highly refined sense of time. Ten minutes before their dinner time, they were both sleeping. Thirty minutes after their normal dinner time, they were sleeping again. Right at dinner time, they were barking and making a big commotion. They were mad that I was late.

It was dark before I got home to take Dot and Dash on their evening walk. I hate walking at night for a variety of reasons. We didn't see any coyotes tonight, but we did see three suspicious looking people lurking around in the dark and what appeared to be a drug deal taking place in one of the parking lots. I prefer the park in daylight myself.

The rain is supposed to continue through tomorrow. This means that my morning networking breakfast, Dot's acupuncture appointment, and our evening dog training class will all be impacted by the bad weather. I don't know why rain bothers me so much, but it does. When the sun finally reappears, I'll clean the house, wash the car, and my tidy little world will be back to normal.

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