Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 1115

I had a photo shoot today. The theme for the assignment was "helping hands" and the models were a baby, a pre-teen girl, their mom, and a puppy. I thought the shoot went pretty well, but I'm not sure the baby would agree. Every time the puppy touched her hand, the baby said "owie".

After taking hundreds of images, I'm sure I managed to get something the client will like. My favorite is to your left, even though one of my models appears to be missing. If it wasn't for lugging all the heavy lighting equipment around, I would enjoy photography more than writing. Photography is definitely more immediate. Writing and photography are both about capturing moments to me, but writing seems to require a bit more introspection on my part.

In an effort to keep from spending my entire day cleaning Dot's paws, I raked all the leaves in the  back yard over the top of the muddy path Dot always uses when she races out the back door to bark at things in the alley. This temporary fix will probably work for about ten seconds, but I had to do something. It doesn't matter if the yard is muddy or dry as a bone. Dot always insists on bolting out the back door like a race horse out of the starting gate.

After the Christmas and New Year's holidays are over, it's always hard for me to come to grips with the fact that there are five work days in every week instead of four. Four work days seems plenty to me. Janet thinks I should get used to seven work days. That's what the world is coming to apparently. Until that day comes, I'll continue to treat Friday as my own little holiday. I'm looking forward to another big breakfast tomorrow. After that, I may write a small article. That should do it for this week.

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