Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 1236

With two back-to-back charity events to attend, it was a very busy day. I didn't eat any crawfish at the crawfish boil and I didn't drink any wine at the wine tasting event, so the entire day was a little strange. Since we took Dot and Dash to the first event, there was still plenty to do. When Dash was inside, he wanted to go outside and when he was outside, he wanted to go inside again. All Dot wanted was a plate of crawfish. I read way too many negative things about feeding a dog crawfish on the Internet last night though, so she didn't get any. The dogs certainly didn't go away hungry. People were feeding them treats all afternoon.

I discovered today that a new medication my doctor wants me to take actually prevents all the other medications I take from being absorbed by the bloodstream. You'd think the doctor would have noticed this. The drug is safe enough, it just doesn't work when taking anything else at the same time. It looks like I've got a whole new batch of unanswered questions now. It never ends.

I was way too busy today to run my normal Saturday errands. I'll have to get caught up on everything tomorrow. The dogs will get their weekly visit to the dog park first, but there is still a long list of things I need to take care of this weekend. I certainly hope I don't get sick. I almost never catch colds anymore, except when I'm around large crowds of people. That would definitely be today.

Dot and Dash are already sacked out on the bed. They had a big day and seem determined to catch up on their sleep, now that they're home again. I may join them soon. I'm tired. Even though I didn't indulge in as much eating and drinking as the rest of the guests at today's events, the day still wore me out. The little activity wristlet I wear shows that quite a few steps were taken today.

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