Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 1242

There were a lot of strange people at breakfast this morning. At a table in the back were a group of men dressed in neatly pressed olive green fatigues. At first I thought they were National Guard troops, but there were no insignias or identification on the uniforms at all. The guys were also wearing brown suede baseball caps and Oakley sunglasses. Go figure! At a table next to me a woman sat alone, talking to her food. The regulars were there as well: there were the nicely dressed women accompanied by ratty looking men, and quite a few seniors who limped in with their canes and walkers, just so they could order huge, heart-attack meals. It's a strange world we live in. Often, when I'm out and about, I wonder how many of these people are making bombs in their living room, or have someone locked up in the basement.

Just before I took the dogs out for their morning walk, I heard an ominous dripping noise that could only be a leak in the roof. I immediately put a bucket under the drip and proceeded with our walk. Later, after I returned from breakfast, I went up on the roof to survey the situation. I was amazed at how much standing water there was, because I didn't hear any rain last night. Reluctantly, I got the sump pump running and picked up the big push broom and began sweeping the water off the roof. This routine is getting so old. I'm really starting to hate it. I got the job done though. When I went back inside again, the leak had stopped.

I only had a few minor website revisions today, so I used the extra time to post my May invoices and get them in the mail. After I went to the post office, I stopped by the storage warehouse to see when my rent was due. I usually pay a year in advance and I can never remember when my year is up. It turns out that not only is it almost time to renew my contract, the rent for my unit has gone up as well. I pay more for my storage unit now than I did for my first apartment. Maybe it's all fair though. There's more stuff in the storage unit than there was in my first apartment.

I haven't heard a thing from the Land Rover dealer about my Defender. I'm starting to like the LR4, so I don't really care how long they keep it. It does seem strange for a tune up to take a month though. Janet thinks I ought to ask them how much it would cost to just keep the LR4. Maybe I'd get a deal. After all, it is a used car by now.

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