Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 1266

I had another one of my periodic meetings with my financial adviser today. The guy is a technical analyst and it's taken me a while to come around to his disciplined point of view. After four years, I'm finally starting to become a believer. I used to pick strong, well run companies without paying much attention to the technicians. I pretty much ignored support and resistance levels and didn't know a moving average from a Bollinger band. The world has become too volatile to just pick a good company and forget about it, unfortunately. Companies rapidly go in and out of fashion, just like everything else these days. Just about only consistent thing left is that history still tends to repeat itself. The cyclic and somewhat repetitive nature of history is the basis for most technical analysis. People like my financial adviser look at past performance and try to make an educated guess about the future.

The flaw in this type of thinking is that nobody can really predict the future. Even though history does tend to repeat itself, it can also throw you a curve and totally surprise everyone. I have discovered that technical analysts like my financial adviser aren't right all the time, but they do seem to be right more than half the time. Since I was wrong about Apple and I was wrong about the natural gas industry, I'm going to give technical analysis a little more respect in the future.

When my meeting was over, I returned to the office and began to edit and color correct the image files I shot in Las Vegas. This can be a long and tedious process when you have over 500 images to process. Although I seldom get paid to do this, I almost always color correct my image files before sending them to the client. At the Couture Show, I was shooting in an environment where your subject might be lit by a combination of ambient, incandescent, fluorescent, and mercury vapor light all at the same time. It is often hard to color correct these types of shots, because when you balance one of the lighting sources, you often throw one of the others off even further. I do my best to color correct the faces or whatever is the center of interest and let the rest of the image fall where it may. It's a slow process and not surprisingly, I didn't get finished today.

I heard the roofers up on the roof today, but didn't have time to go see what they were doing. After they left for the day, it was unclear whether they did anything at all. The roof is still a long way from being finished and I'm beginning to wonder how long this is going to take. I'm fairly certain that the roof will be finished before the road crew finishes re-paving the road in front of my house. Nothing moves slower than road construction.

I need to get Dot back on schedule with her acupuncture therapy. We had to skip one session while I was out of town and she lost another session due to bad weather. Since the acupuncture treatments seem to be showing some positive results, it's time to get things back on schedule. When I went up to visit with my financial adviser this afternoon, I noticed that there was an acupuncturist right next door to his office. Maybe I ought to start seeing this guy whenever I have a financial review. Acupuncture is supposed to be great for relieving stress and talking about money is always stressful for me.

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