Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 1267

I think I bit off more than I can chew. I thought I could process 500 images in Photoshop today in plenty of time to send the color corrected files to my client this evening. Well, the FedEx man has come and gone and I've still got quite a few files left to color correct. I sure wish the auto white balance function on most DSLR cameras worked better. In run and gun situations where there are multiple light sources, I often have to go back and manually color correct each image. The large ballrooms I was shooting in at the Couture Show, were often lit by a combination of ambient, incandescent, fluorescent, and mercury vapor light. Since each of these light sources has a different color temperature and an on-camera flash is seldom enough to overpower the bright theatrical lighting, my best alternative is often Photoshop. That's what I did today. I looked for something in each image that I knew was true white, made it white again, and the rest of the image snapped into place. The pictures look great. They're just taking me longer than I thought to process.

Before I started my Photoshop marathon, I had a meeting with the roofers. We went up on the roof and they explained why filling in the little depressions where the roof has settled would just cause the puddles of standing water to shift to another part of the roof. Evidently, the high point on my roof on all four sides is the exterior edge. This is exactly the opposite of the way it should be and causes water to drain toward the center of the roof instead of spilling over the edge. The edge of a flat roof should always be the low point. Other than build an entirely new roof with a pitch to it, there just doesn't seem to be a way to get my roof to drain properly. My advise to all first-time homeowners: don't ever buy a house with a flat roof.

I don't think the dogs like Photoshop. I tend to move around more when I'm writing, and when I move around, the dogs get more attention. I often wander around the house and even go outside when I'm thinking about where to go next on a writing project. Sometimes I get my best headline ideas when I'm not sitting at the computer. Photoshop is much different. A big Photoshop project usually involves lots of repetitive actions. I crop and re-size images. I color correct and eliminate blemishes. I add meta tag information. It's not brain surgery, but it can be time consuming.

Tomorrow looks like another busy day. The roofers will be back. The road crew in front of the house will be back. I've got some website revisions to make and another article is due. First on the docket though is getting all the images processed and burned to a disk, so I can drop them in an envelope and take it to a Fedex drop-off. Poor Dot might have to end up waiting another couple of days for her acupuncture session.

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