Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 1274

Today could be summed up in four words: more of the same. I added some new animals to a rescue website. I paid a few bills. I wrote an article or two. I also forgot to turn off the sprinklers in the front yard and managed to soak the street in front of the house. It must have been a forgetful day. My doctor forgot to renew the prescription I asked him about yesterday. Maybe it wasn't the doctor's fault though. The phone system at the pharmacy was out of commission all day yesterday. Nothing really seems to go smoothly anymore. I think most of us just muddle our way through the day and are happy when it's finally over. That's why I really miss drinking. Even the most fruitless of days seemed better after a couple of glasses of wine. Somehow, a cup of freshly brewed green tea doesn't seem to work nearly as well.

I climbed up on the roof today to see how quickly the water was evaporating and discovered that the roofers had walked off with my trusty push broom. They probably had to use it so often to get the rain off the roof while they were working that when the job was finished, they ended up thinking it was theirs. It doesn't really matter. The broom was pretty worn out anyway. A new roof definitely calls for a new broom.

Dash went to the vet today, but his favorite nurse was gone. The new nurse didn't know how to express a dog's anal glands, so he had to ask for help from someone else. I really ought to learn how to do this myself, but truthfully, I have no interest in sticking my hand up a dog's butt.  I do enough unpleasant things already.

There was a mosquito in the house today. I tried to swat it with a fly swatter, but it kept escaping and I gave up after a while. I guess this means that I'll have to worry about mosquitoes for the rest of the Summer. Last year Dallas had a huge mosquito problem and there were numerous cases of West Nile Virus in town. We've got ticks that can cause Lyme Disease, mosquitoes that carry the West Nile Virus, and huge brown roaches that are just disgusting. I always wonder how the roaches manage to get inside until I go outside and notice that they are everywhere. I guess things could be worse if we lived in Florida, but probably not much worse. This place is a bug paradise.

Dot's acupuncture vet has moved. We've got a longer drive now to her weekly appointment. We'll see how things go tomorrow. Hopefully, the negative effects of riding in the car won't completely negate the positive effects of the acupuncture treatments.

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