Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 1327

Janet and I photographed some more homeless Dalmatians today. It's hard to imagine how today's brother and sister pair wound up in the pound in the first place, but hopefully they are on their way to a good home now that they are safe and in the rescue program. The two litter-mates were only eight months old and both dogs were cute as a button. It would have been tempting to adopt this friendly pair ourselves, but two Dalmatians is enough for anybody.

I don't know if we set any temperature records today, but it certainly felt like it. It was so hot outside that I was dreading running my normal Saturday errands. Staying inside with the dogs seemed like a much better option, but there's no rest for the weary when there's a shopping list involved. If I didn't get these things today, I'd have to get them tomorrow anyway.

Even the squirrels were too hot today. They were stretched out on tree limbs and didn't even bother to move when we approached them. Since the dogs were moving in slow motion too, we didn't get any closer to the squirrels than we usually do. I wonder how these animals get enough water on days like this. It is bone dry now and squirrels don't have an air conditioned home to retreat to.

Luckily, the dogs and I did have the option of air conditioned comfort. I decided to put all thoughts of yard work aside for today and reorganized some photo gear instead. It was time to unclog the large format printer too. All I ever do with the thing now is make small test prints to keep the ink lines clear. I used to make large Giclée prints for gallery shows with this printer. That train has left the station though. I'm just not interested anymore.

It looks like the heat wave will continue through the weekend. We need to get to the dog park early tomorrow, before the heat becomes unbearable. The dogs still enjoy these outings, but the park is not quite the same as it was in March or April. The dog park is still better than our own back yard, which seems to becoming a haven for wasps. The hotter is gets, the more wasps I see buzzing around. They're even trying to build a nest by our back door, so I have to be careful that they don't fly inside when I let Dot and Dash out to pee at night. Bug spray seems irrelevant to these wasps. No matter how many nests you knock down during the day, there's always a new batch of insects rebuilding things the next morning.

It's hard to stay away from sugar in the Summer. I'm starting to miss ice cream and lemonade almost as much as beer.

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