Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 1332

When I was doing my twenty minutes on the arm bicycle at the gym this afternoon, it occurred to me that this repetitious activity was a pretty good metaphor for what my life has become. I do a lot of boring, repetitious and very necessary activities these days. It wasn't always this way, but I think when you realize that you've already used up eight of your allotted nine lives, your attitude changes a bit. There are times when I wish I was still more adventurous, but my adventures have always been on the self-destructive side and who needs that anymore.

The other people I see at the gym seem just like me. The pick out their favorite machines and do the same routines over and over again. Maybe this is just human nature. On the other hand, maybe I'm just doing my workouts with a bunch of old people.

I saw on the local news tonight that a maintenance worker at the dog park we go to regularly on Sundays attacked one of the dogs in the park with a weed-wacker and injured it pretty bad. The dog had cuts all over its head and neck and had to be taken to a vet for surgery. This is insane. The maintenance company fired the worker immediately, but should have never given him the job in the first place. If you hate dogs, or are fearful of dogs, you should not have a job that involves working around them. On a much happier note, I also saw a segment on the news about Dot's physical therapy vet. Evidently this place is one of the only places in the area that offers this type of advanced therapy for dogs. I'm proud of Dot. Just like me, she's always been an early adopter of the latest things.

I found out today that my assignment in Las Vegas isn't going to happen. I'm disappointed, but not terribly surprised. Maybe Janet and I will go anyway. It's a shame that a money making opportunity has instantly turned into a money losing opportunity though.

Someone wanted me to announce an event that was taking place in May of 2014 on their website today. Even though this seems a bit premature to me, I still approve of this weird request. Updating websites is what I do and as far as I'm concerned, jumping the gun is far better than doing nothing at all. Keep those changes coming guys.

I'm still debating whether to drive a little further just to taste something new for breakfast ntomorrow. There are only so many ways you can cook an egg, and I've tried them all by now. I love the over-easy eggs on a bed of skillet potatoes and pulled pork at the little restaurant down the street from me, but boredom is always a factor on these Friday outings. I certainly wouldn't want my favorite day of the week to turn into another boring ride on the exercise bike.

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