Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 1372

I guess if you snooze, you lose. The car I was thinking about buying was sold to someone else today. I wish I was quicker about making these kind of decisions, but I'm not. I've always gone back and forth about big decisions. There's a good chance that the next car I find will be snapped up by someone else as well. Eventually, I'll find something I like though. I always do.

One of my doctors keeps submitting bills to the wrong insurance company and then I get billed for the entire amount when the insurance company says they never heard of me. I call and get things straightened out, and then a few weeks later the same thing happens all over again. I am slowly losing faith in people's ability to do anything correctly without having the luxury of a "do over." Sometimes I think the whole world has become incompetent.

One of my favorite rescue dogs passed away today. Connor was one of the lucky ones, because he found a wonderful second home. I just wish he had been given a little more time, because he was an amazing dog. Our canine friends just don't live long enough. I am reminded of this every day as I watch Dot's steps become slower and slower. She stumbles easily now and I have to be careful where she walks. Dot does the best she can and I do the best I can to take care of her. Hopefully, this will give us the additional time we both still need.

Dash is still a young dog, but he has his own health issues. He was back at the vet again today for his antigen shot. Along with the phenobarbital he is taking for seizures, he will probably have to continue these bi-weekly antigen shots for the rest of his life. If controllable epilepsy and skin problems are all Dash has to worry about though, he's doing pretty well. I have seen so many dogs who have had to deal with far worse.

I'm so tired of dealing with health issues that I suspect this is one of the reasons I want a new car. I can't guarantee that the dogs will stay healthy any more than I can guarantee my own health. When you realize you can't make yourself new again, and even the prospect of making your house new again seems remote, maybe making your car new again might be as good as it gets.

I need to remember to get up early tomorrow for my Wednesday morning business networking breakfast. I hope getting up before sunrise once a week eventually becomes second nature to me, but the desire to "rise and shine" certainly hasn't kicked in yet.

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