Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 1399 - Columbus Day

It certainly didn't feel like a holiday today. Janet got the day off, but all our planned activities were rained out. The rain continued unabated for most of the day, so it was difficult to even find a few dry moments to take the dogs out. I'm not complaining though. The new roof continues to keep the water out, and that alone is a blessing.

Since I was confined indoors for most of the day,  I thought I might as well get some work done. I continued my quest to master the intricacies of Wordpress, and after four hours in Wordpress hell, I came to the conclusion that trying to design your own themes from scratch was not very rewarding. It is very easy to buy a pre-made theme and fill it up with your own words and pictures. If you want more control than this, lots of luck.

We made an appointment to take Dot for an MRI brain scan on Friday. I am always nervous when a dog has to be anesthetized for a procedure. I just don't like anesthesia and even getting the dog's teeth cleaned worries me. There is no alternative though. If we want the MRI, Dot must be anesthetized during the scan. The animal imaging facility where we're taking Dot is one of the best in the entire country and all the vets assure me that Dot will be safe. I still worry though. Too bad that Dot can't just stay still, like I do when I have an MRI.

Much to my surprise, the framers were super nice and were able to frame the print I'm donating to Janet's charity event while I waited this evening. Some of the guys even remembered me from the old days and treated me like a legitimate working artist instead of someone with a big pile of unsold prints in a storage warehouse. I hope a lot of people bid on the picture at the silent auction. The framers did a great job and the photo looks fabulous.

I hope the weather is better tomorrow. It's always easier to take Dash to the vet on a nice day. Actually, everything is easier on a nice day. The dogs and I got caught in a sudden downpour on our evening walk. I thought I had timed things so we could make it back to the house before the rain started again, but Dash had other plans. Dot knew it was going to rain and did her business quickly. Dash lives in the moment though. He dawdled around smelling things like it was a sunny day. Then the moment he got wet, he panicked and started tugging Dot and I back to the house as fast as he could. Even though we all got soaked, I still managed to snap a few nice flower pictures on the way home. I guess there's always a silver lining somewhere.

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