Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 1460

I think we're finished with pet photos for another year. The four Santa Paws events were a resounding success, and hopefully our efforts will help Dalmatian Rescue find homes for some deserving dogs in the year ahead. We've been doing these fundraising events for so long now that we've watched some dogs grow from their first photos as wild little puppies, to become mature adult dogs, and finally to return again as sedate senior dogs with grey muzzles. All these dogs are incredibly important to their owners and yet they don't live nearly as long as they should. I've always wished that dogs lived as long as we do. Seven to fourteen years isn't enough time.

I found out today that one of my doctors is still billing everything to my old insurance company. As if things aren't screwed up enough already. I've updated my records three times with the correct information, but nothing seems to change. Lord help these guys when they get hit with all the new ObamaCare regulations. My situation is simple. If they can't manage to keep my information current in the computer, a lot of their patients are totally screwed.

I thought the weather would be nice today, but the temperature is still hovering around freezing. I need at least one nice day to get all the leaves and water off the roof before the next round of bad weather hits. Maybe tomorrow. "Maybe tomorrow" seems to be my response to just about everything these days. The closer is gets to Christmas, the more errands there are to run. I don't think I'm ever going to get caught up at this point. If I remember to pay the property taxes, I forget to go to the dentist. If I remember to pick up the dry cleaning, I forget to take my evening meds. On and on it goes. About the only thing I remember consistently are the dogs vet appointments.

I'm taking some pictures for a friend of Janet's tomorrow. This shouldn't take long, so maybe I'll find time to make it back to the gym again. I haven't been all week and it's starting to show. I'm sure that all my storm related activities must have burned of a few calories, but it's not the same. Hey, a good workout, a clean car, and the missing UPS package back on my doorstep and I'll be back in business again.

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