Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 1553

Things went smoothly today. I got up early and took Dash to the cancer center for his second CAT scan. This time they wanted to see the results after surgery, so they could accurately target where they wanted the radiation beam to go. Since I left the house right after we got up, neither dog had time to realize that we were off schedule and that they hadn't been fed. It all worked out better than I thought.

I returned home to feed and walk Dot and try to get some work done before going back to the cancer center later in the day to pick Dash up again. I need to get this new routine down to a science, because I will be doing it three times a week for a long time. The main thing I learned today was that I need to leave a little earlier. Rush hour traffic in Dallas is terrible.

I actually got quite a bit done today. I finally got all my tax records in order and took them over to my accountant. I boxed up the defective UP fitness band and took it over to UPS to return it to Jawbone. I called several people on the phone in an attempt to resolve a couple of medical issues of my own, and then I updated two websites. 

By the time I got these chores finished, it was time to go pick up Dash again. The oncologist went over the CAT scan images with me and told me that Dash was an ideal candidate for the treatment he will be receiving. Even though thyroid cancers can be very aggressive, he thought we had caught the cancer early enough so that Dash should be able to live a full, normal life after treatment. There are no signs that the cancer has already spread to other parts of the body. All the radiation and chemotherapy Dash will be receiving are just to ensure that every stray carcinoma cell is destroyed. Everyone tells me that radiation and chemotherapy are easier on dogs than they are on humans. I'm not so sure about this though. I doubt that anybody ever asked a dog about how they felt. Dogs probably just don't complain as much as humans. At any rate, the fact that a very good oncologist is so positive about the Dash's outcome is good news. I've been through cancer with dogs before and often the doctors aren't encouraging at all.

Our roller coaster weather cycle has returned to Spring mode. It was clear and warm today and I'm starting to see wildflowers in bloom everywhere. In less than a month, the meadows behind our house will be a rainbow of rich colors. There are few things prettier than a Texas Spring. I've witnessed Spring arrive in a variety of different places and I'd have to say that the wildflowers here are even prettier than they are in Colorado.

I don't know if I'll ever get back to the gym again. I'm not even going to worry about it for the moment. If I can deal with Dash's cancer treatments every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while still getting my work finished I'll be a happy camper. The added stress of all this will probably keep my weight in check anyway. Some people gain weight under stress. I tend to lose weight.

On Thursday, I take a break from the dog's medical issues to deal with my own. I get another blood test to check my hemoglobin levels. I have a feeling that the side effects of the Hepatitis C treatment people warned me about are finally starting to kick in. My nose runs continually now and I feel like I have a constant cold. There are also occasional chest pains. By the end of June, all this should be behind me though. By then, Dash  and I should both be cured.

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  1. I'm sure hoping that treatment for YOU works. I care about Dash too, but it would be so great if you could shake that nasty thing you've been dealing with so long.