Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 1568 - April Fools Day

April looks like it's off to a good start. Dot's vet called today and told me that Dot does not have any internal bleeding. That's good news! Lord know what is making her poop so dark, but at least it not life threatening. My accountant called and said my taxes are ready to submit. As is typically the case, my refund this year is almost exactly the same as the amount I will owe my accountant for doing my taxes. Things like this used to irritate me, but now I don't care. I'm just glad to have income taxes behind me for another year.

Dot did great on the water treadmill today. She still has days where she seems like a much younger dog. Today was one of those days. I'm convinced that the water therapy is helping her maintain her mobility as she grows older. The water makes her buoyant and takes weight off her legs when she is using the treadmill, allowing a full range of motion without a lot of stress on her joints. Adding acupuncture to the mix helps to reduce inflammation, remove toxins, and improve blood circulation. It's too bad I can't ask her directly if she thinks these treatments are working. Anecdotally, I would say the answer is yes. She seems stronger, more relaxed, and appears to be suffering from less joint pain than she was nine months ago.

I can see why the missing Malaysian jetliner continues to dominate the news cycle. I am baffled by this story. How can something as big as a Boeing 777 simply vanish into thin air? You'd think when something went wrong, at least a few of the passengers would have tried to use their cell phones. On a plane this big, there's a good possibility that a few passengers even had satellite phones. And speaking of satellites, why haven't we seen any pictures from US satellites? Don't we have way more weather and spy satellites than all the other countries put together? All the satellite images I've seen are coming from countries like Thailand and France. I didn't know Thailand even had any satellites. Maybe they will never find this plane and it will turn into another Amelia Earhart legend.

This is a great time of year to take pictures. Flowers are blooming and animals are moving about. Unfortunately, it is increasingly difficult to take a camera along with me on our daily walks. Dot and Dash require more attention now. I've got to watch Dash like a hawk, so he won't eat some weird crap in the park that might interact with his cancer medication. Dot is frail and I've got to baby her and make sure she doesn't stumble or fall. None of this really lends itself to taking pictures. I guess it doesn't really matter though. I've been taking pictures in the park for so long now that every time I notice something interesting, I realize that I've already taken a picture of it before. Nature is fairly predictable. The same flowers bloom in the same locations every year. The same birds migrate in and out of the park every season. Even the beautiful sunsets seem to repeat themselves at predictable intervals.

Tomorrow, Dash goes to the cancer center for another radiation treatment. My Wednesdays have gotten a bit easier now that I've stopped going to those Wednesday morning business networking meetings. I don't miss those meetings at all. There are still plenty of websites to manage and articles to write. Wednesdays go quickly though. Pretty soon Friday will be here again. I live for Fridays these days.

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  1. I'm like you... I don't like to repeat pictures of the same thing. But I think it would be ok... the new arrangement would be different, right?