Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 1497

The furnace is working again. Marty, my favorite technician, came over to the house to work on the furnace. The problem actually did turn out to be a dirty flame sensor, just as I expected. Marty was initially puzzled why this was happening so frequently. After a lengthy call to the manufacturer, it was determined that the problem wasn't with the furnace itself, but with where it was located. Since the furnace is installed in a fairly small laundry room, instead of in the attic or basement where most furnaces are located, it is subjected to much more dust and lint than normal. Every time the pilot light ignites, a small fans turns on, sucking the dirty laundry room air into the combustion chamber. Over time, some of this dust is deposited on the flame sensor and fused to it by the flame. Although this is a clear and rational explanation of the problem, I don't know what the solution is. The furnace certainly won't fit in any other room of the house.

Dot had her spinal X-Rays today. We're still trying to determine the true cause of the ongoing weakness in her legs that is slowly causing her muscles to atrophy. The radiology report was very positive. There are no slipped or ruptured disks. That's good! I'm no expert, but her X-Rays looked fabulous to me. I've seen worse on much younger dogs. It could be that when all is said and done, we find out that Dot is just a very old dog in excellent health for her age. One difficulty with rescue dogs is that you never really know how old they are. A rescue dog's birthday is usually the day you adopted them. Dot could be a mildly arthritic 12 year old, or the world's healthiest 15 year old Dalmatian. I don't think we'll ever know for sure.

The posters I did yesterday were well received. If I created and printed more of these large posters, I probably wouldn't have any of my ongoing problems with clogged ink lines. Of course, the reason I don't have time to piddle around making fine art posters is that I'm way too busy earning a living. If the stock market was as predictable as it was when I initially started investing, I could probably make a decent living from my investments alone. Then I could  go back to making arty posters again. That's not likely to happen though. The world is insane. Market forces are just part of the equation now. Geopolitical issues, monetary policy, and those age old demons fear and greed all get in the way these days. Investing today is not much different that betting on football teams.

When I was a high flying young ad man, I thought I'd be lying on a beach with a drink in my hand by now. That's not likely to happen either.

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