Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 1575

I changed my cable bundle to a package with fewer TV channels today. So far, I can't tell any difference. I'm certainly not missing anything. There are so many worthless cable channels anyway that I'll probably never really know what I eliminated. I did save a little money though. I made the changes online, and I did notice when I was checking out that the cable company tried to sneak a new movie package into my cart, adding $20 and then subtracting it again, saying the first month was free. They didn't think I'd notice. I wasn't falling for that. I figured out how how to remove the unwanted movie package and scaled back my land line phone service as well. I should have eliminated the land line entirely. It is used exclusively by telemarketers now. I haven't received a call that actually mattered on the land line in months.

I took my April invoices to the post office this afternoon. Billings are starting to decline again. I'm not sure what to do about it though. I'm pretty busy writing, but I hesitate to go after any more writing work. Editorial writing just doesn't pay very well. I still do the occasional advertising job, but these high budget jobs are becoming a rarity. Most of the young agency creatives just don't want to hire someone the same age as their grandfather. I can't really complain though. I certainly had my own moment in the sun. When I was a young hot shot agency creative, I wouldn't dream of hiring some old fart twice my age. I hired the friends I went drinking with, and I'm sure today's kids do the same.

Dash can't go in for radiation therapy tomorrow. The cancer center called me today and said that the radiation machine was broken and that it would probably take a full day to repair. I certainly hope the machine didn't go haywire with a dog in it. That has always been one of my fears. You'd hate for some technician to calibrate the machine improperly and come home with a radioactive dog. In fairness, the entire team at the cancer center seems very professional and always pays attention to details. Dash will probably be upset when he discovers that he isn't going anywhere tomorrow. He looks forward to these visits to the cancer center now.

Work was kind of light today. I updated one website, did my invoices, and that was about it. Tomorrow looks busy though. I return to writing again tomorrow. I'm going to take Dot for her acupuncture session tomorrow as well. I changed her appointment back to Wednesday after Dash's radiation therapy was canceled. Dot's vet is probably getting sick of me constantly changing her schedule because of Dash's changing transportation needs. There not much I can do about the situation now though. If I happen to have a free day, I'm going to try to use it. When the radiation machine is fixed, Dash may need to go for therapy on Thursday and Friday this week.

I'm starting to see wild irises blooming in the park this week. From now through June, there will be a new variety of wildflower coming into bloom every few days. The dogs are stubborn now, and I can't always get near the flowers like I used to. If I get close to a wildflower now, it usually means there is something stinky nearby that the dogs want to smell.

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