Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 1609

More rain today. The rain came as no surprise, but I was hoping that we might be able to at least get the morning walk under our belt before the downpour started. I was wrong. We got wet on the way home and the rain never really stopped after that. After I got the dogs dried off, I ate breakfast and tried to figure out how to make the best of a very soggy day.

The dogs aren't much help on days like this. They go back and forth between storm induced panic and cabin fever induced boredom all day long. Whenever there's thunder and lightning, they compete for the coveted "safe" spot under my desk. If they knew how to share better, they would both fit under the desk, but usually the first dog to arrive will stretch out and hog all the space for themselves. When it gets quieter again, the dogs will scratch at the back door to go out. I open the door, they sniff the air, discover it's still raining, and refuse to leave the house. This happens over and over again. Things have to be just right before they will even consider doing their business. This usually means that sometime in the middle of the night they won't be able to hold it any longer and will wake me up demanding to go outside. After about three tries, they finally decide to poop and all is well.

Luckily, the power didn't go out today and I got a fair amount done. The rain isn't over yet, unfortunately, so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. I charged up the laptop, the phones, and the WiFi hotspot just in case, but that only buys me a couple of hours. It's rare that the power company fixes things that quickly. There's a good chance that the power won't go out this time. There wasn't a lot of wind associated with this storm. Just a lot of heavy rain. Oh, and the dogs wanted me to remind you that there was lots of thunder and lightning too.

I wrote several articles, fixed a website animation, and most importantly, cleaned the spiderwebs off the back windows with a broom. I didn't get to all the windows, but the back of the house is well protected by a long porch, so I could clean these windows during the rain. Like the dogs, I get cabin fever as well, and need occasional diversions on rainy days that take me away from the computer for a while. I'm surprised that the spiders arrived so early this year. I'll be needing to clear away the webs on a weekly basis from now through the end of the Summer.

I'll probably just go to bed early tonight after giving the dogs their evening meds and making one more attempt to get them to go outside and pee. Here's hoping that things will return to normal tomorrow. At this time of year, maybe this is normal though.

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