Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 1611

It was a quiet day. Since I haven't run out of food yet and had no appointments, I basically just stayed around the house all day. The dogs got their walks, but the car never left the driveway. It was good that there were no writing assignments today, because the website revisions I needed to complete just about overwhelmed me. I have a couple of clients who only seem to look at their website twice a year and then make a ton of changes all at once. I'd rather make small incremental changes every week than do a huge makeover twice a year, but I don't get to make the rules. Let's just say that I had a lot of changes to make today.

It was also time to get the water off the roof again. It was a good day to do this, since the weather was nice and there is no more rain in the forecast for the rest of the week. I need to get the roofers to come out and inspect the roof this Spring, while it is still under warranty. There are no leaks, but there are a few spots that are already starting to show significant wear. With my luck, the roof will start leaking again the day after the warranty runs out, so I'd better get this issue addressed while I still have a chance.

I need to remember to call my insurance agent and take the Citroën SM off my policy, since I no longer own the car. I tend to forget things like this. When I quit using the fax machine and removed it from my office, I forgot to remove the fax line from my phone bill and kept paying for it for another year. I paid the cable company for HD channels for quite a while too, before I finally realized that Janet and I never watched things in HD. Standard definition is just fine if your eyes are bad. I always forget to file a protest about real estate tax increases, even though some of my neighbors do this every year. There's just too much to remember. It's hard enough to remember the dog's pills everyday and taking out the garbage on Thursday night.

Some of the videos on my YouTube channel have arbitrarily been set to private. I never changed any of my settings, so I wonder what this is all about. Since I mostly use my YouTube channel as a place to store videos for clients who don't have their own YouTube acount, this has already created problems. A number of embedded videos have already gone dead. When I went to my account to fix things, I discovered that the whole interface had changed. Why does Google love to continually change things? It drives me nuts. It much harder to embed videos in websites in custom sizes now because Google seems to have taken away the scaling tool. I eventually got all the client website videos working again, but I never did figure out why they had been marked private in the first place.

I haven't made the bed all week. I haven't unmade it either. I just sleep on top with the dogs. They seem to like things this way, and it's easier for me as well, since I don't have to make the bed every morning. If Janet ever took a really long trip, things would probably slide downhill in a hurry.

Maybe I'll go out for breakfast tomorrow. I know it's not Friday yet, but I'm really getting tired of oatmeal.

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