Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 1699

So much for sleeping in late on the weekend. We're still getting up in the middle of the night to take Dot outside, but we were pleased when we looked at the clock and realized that Dot had made it two hours longer without needing to pee than she did the previous night. There's a learning curve to dealing with incontinence and I think we're all learning. Dot is finally learning to sleep on the waterproof pads. I'm learning how to prepare the bed and do laundry more efficiently. And Janet is learning how to sew larger, custom sized waterproof pads. The best news is that Dot's condition actually seems to be improving. She isn't urinating constantly now, and there are fewer and fewer accidents during the day. The messy nature of incontinence makes it easy to forget that Dot is recovering remarkably well from the surgery itself. She continues to get stronger with each passing day.

My success with the aging locks yesterday emboldened me to try fixing the fence in the back yard today. Ground settling over the years has caused the rear gate to become difficult to open. I though it would be relatively easy to level things up again. As a bonus, if I could get the gate to fit properly, the neighbor's cat wouldn't be able to get in the yard so easily. Well, I made a good effort, but nature won this one. It wasn't just the gate that had shifted. The entire fence had shifted. After adjusting things to no avail for an hour or so, I was happy to just get the gate back to the way it was before.

I made it back to the gym this afternoon, but it is becoming clear that once a week isn't enough. Just like last week, my regular workout left me winded and tired. Part of the problem is that I'm not walking the dogs as long as I used to. Dot takes tiny, short little walks and Dash is smart enough to realize that it's much better to stay inside in August. It's just too hot to take long walks these days.

I went to Whole Foods instead of Central Market on the way home from the gym today. You'd think these two upscale grocery stores would be identical, but they're not. They're both good, but if you're a vegan, I'd go to Whole Foods and if you're looking for a nice cut of meat or interesting sausages, I'd go to Central Market. I'm not very picky. I think I like Central Market better because it's easier to find a parking place and the checkout lines are quicker.

The Buttonbush plants near the shoreline are starting to flower. Bees seem to love these things. I snapped a close up of one of the small flowers with my phone this morning and the hungry bee sucking nectar out of the thing didn't even move. Usually I like to use a telephoto lens when I'm around bees, but this bee had other things on its mind.

I wonder if Dot will be able to make it all the way through the night tonight? That would definitely be a cause for celebration.

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