Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 1701

I may become a morning person yet. The hour before sunrise when I've been walking Dash lately is easily the nicest part of the day. The air is still crisp and cool and there is usually a nice breeze. At this time of day it's hard to believe that just a few hours later the temperature will quickly rise by twenty degrees and we will all retreat indoors to spend the rest of the day hoping the air conditioner doesn't break.

Dot's incontinence hasn't significantly improved, but everything else has. She is taking longer walks and seems eager to return to her old routines. She's back on her regular diet and has already gained a pound. This is all good. When we went to our water therapy session today, Dot was able to stay on the underwater treadmill for two minutes longer than our previous visit. I'm a patient person and I'm happy with her slow incremental progress. I sure wish we had a better solution for her incontinence. It's uncomfortable for her and equally tiring for us. Dots vets say they are comfortable with using estrogen supplements like Incurin to alleviate incontinence, but Janet and I are still nervous about using hormones. Once we go down this road, Dot may be on the drugs for the rest of her life. We'll give her some more time to see if she can resolve this problem herself.

As soon as Dot and I returned from her physical therapy session, I turned around and took Dash to a different vet. It was time to get his anal glands expressed again. It's always something with these two. Dot and Dash have both made great progress against some very long odds. I'd be the first to admit though that, for the moment, we have two very high maintenance dogs.

I finished and launched the last of my new website projects today. These projects have kept me very busy during the summer, but I'm in the process of wrapping everything up and don't see anything new on the horizon. Things might be a little slow for the rest of the month. As my client base continues to age and retire, I don't really know where the new clients will come from. Maybe this is it. I've done my best to stay current and remain relevant, but I don't really think I'm a big hit with the millennials. Many of them have a grandfather younger than me.

This day has gone quickly. It's about time to get the bed waterproofed for the night again. Who knows what tomorrow will bring my way. I've got some animal rescue websites to update and that's about it. What would be really nice is a night of uninterrupted sleep.

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