Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 1724

The good news is I've got a brand new iPhone. The bad news is that the restore program at the Apple store didn't restore any of the passwords on my apps and I can't remember most of them. Oh, well. I had too many apps on my phone anyway. I was surprised that the Apple store gave me a new phone without even bothering to open up the damaged one to see what was wrong. They acknowledged that the mistake was theirs, but showed little interest in fixing the phone. I'm sure it is easier and more cost effective for them to just replace things rather than attempt to repair them. Repairing things is a lost art.

Dot had a great physical therapy session today. Her rear legs continue to get stronger at the same time her bladder continues to grow weaker. I have been hoping that as Dot grew stronger, her incontinence would diminish. This doesn't appear to be the case. She still has good days and bad days, but it is a bit discouraging to realize that she has now had four bad days in a row. Dot peed on just about everything today. Dot's vet thinks it's time to consider medication and I reluctantly agree. If the incontinence continues for too long, we run the risk of serious skin and urinary tract infections.

Dot's primary vet specializes in geriatric care. She was telling me today how hard it is to deal with clients who are in denial. They just can't deal with the fact that their dog is dying and keep convincing themselves that their dog is getting better despite obvious clinical signs to the contrary. I hope I'm not that way, but I think we all are to a certain degree. It's hard to confront death face-to-face. Doctors tend to become cold and clinical, while everybody else tends to turn their head away and avoid the issue entirely. I'm a total realist, but I still don't like dealing with the fact that Dot is very old and I'm not getting any younger myself. I look at Dot's ailments and think that in a few years I'll be dealing with the same problems myself. It's not pretty. Dot is extremely tenacious though and never gives up. I hope I have the same resolve when my time comes.

Tomorrrow, I'll see if I can get the apps on my new phone working again. UPS delivered a big package with a full set of ink cartridges for my printer today as well. That means that after I get my favorite phone apps reinstalled and working again, I'll need to get the large format printer working. Once again, it has sat idle for too long and the lines are clogged. The possum came back last night, so the yard needs a bit of attention as well. To do all this, along with washing endless loads of Dot's soiled dog blankets will require a good breakfast. I'm sure glad it's Friday tomorrow. A good breakfast makes everything better.

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