Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 1772

I'm beginning to think that time is relative. Even though a loud wall clock in the kitchen ticks off the seconds at a constant pace, some days seem fueled by adrenalin, while others seem excruciatingly slow. Today was one of those slow days. The dogs dawdled along on their walks, stopping to smell each and every tree along the way. Breakfast took longer to make, even though it was only my regular oatmeal and fruit. My writing assignments took almost twice as long to complete, even though they were almost identical to the ones I finished yesterday in record time. Such a slow day! Even dog training class seemed to crawl along in first gear, since Dash wasn't in the mood to do anything right.

I saw a recent survey that said 58% of people are convinced that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket. I'm surprised the percentage isn't even higher. Every time I turn on the TV there's breaking news about some new plague or atrocity. I wonder when folks are finally going to realize that all wars from now on out are really wars of the future against the past. If the human race is going to continue, it's imperative that the future wins. I'm continually baffled why the United States, Russia, and perhaps even China, can't put their differences aside and realize that they all have enormous common interests. China and the U.S. are great trading partners already. Russia and the U.S have worked together on the International Space Station with great success for over a decade. The world's industrialized nations need to quit their petty bickering and use their vast resources to totally eradicate the medieval belief systems and third world diseases that are dragging us down. Science and good hygiene can eradicate Ebola. Terrorism might be a bit tougher, but I bet the thought of the US, Russia, and China all acting as one to get rid of these cockroaches might get someone's attention. When you've got all the nukes, people listen.

Dash has diarrhea again. He's got such a sensitive stomach that the least little thing can upset the balance. I don't know what caused things to head South this time. I don't think he ate anything bad in the park, but we did put him on a probiotic recently. Maybe instead of curing his problem, it actually made things worse. I'm not sure what is wrong this time. All I know is that if he wakes me up tonight and appears restless, I'm going to get him outside as quick as I can.

I hope that Thursday will be more interesting than today. It would be nice if I could zip through all my chores and assignments in record time. Maybe if I got caught up on things, I could even watch a few of those Dr. Who shows I've been recording on the DVR. Now that I think of it, tomorrow probably will go quickly. My writing assignment will take me through the morning. Then Dot's physical therapy session and acupuncture will take me through the afternoon. All I've got to do after that is remember to take out the trash.

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