Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 1782

Well, it's that time of year again. We set the clocks back tonight and for the rest of the Winter, I'll be taking the dogs on their evening walk in the dark. I wish we had Daylight Saving Time all year long. If it's dark when I wake up, I just sleep in a little longer. It's harder to compensate at the end of the day. I always take the dogs on their final walk of the day, after I feed them dinner. I've learned from experience that they're more likely to poop that way. I can't feed them their dinner too early, so immediately after the time change, I'm faced with the prospect of walking the dogs in the dark.

Fall is my favorite season, but it doesn't last nearly long enough. It was 39 degrees outside when we woke up this morning. This is cold to me. I have already turned on the furnace for the Winter, and with shorter, cooler days on the way, it's time to get out the Winter coats as well. I don't think I'd make a good Northerner. If 39 degrees makes me nervous, you can just imagine how 39 degrees below would make me feel. I've actually experienced Winters this cold, since I went to high school in Alaska, but that was enough. I'm a fan of warm weather and lots of sunlight now.

I ended up going to the gym today instead of Sunday, since Janet and I have several charity events to attend tomorrow. I wonder how this gym makes any money, since it is never very full. Although I enjoy having the place to myself, it has to be bad for business. This is a very large facility and there were only five other people working out this afternoon. I seldom tell people how great this gym is, because the last thing I want is new members. I would hate to see it go out of business though. Where would I go? In my world, a crowded gym is even worse than cold Winters.

Today was busy, since I tried to cram two days worth of errands into a single afternoon. Everything got done though. The car has a full tank of gas. The refrigerator is full again. There are clean sheets on the bed. And the dogs got two very nice walks. I even found time to unclog the large format printer and test the new wireless microphones. I was surprised at how well the digital mics worked. There was no discernible hiss or hum that I could detect. Hopefully, these new additions will improve the quality of the few remaining videos I still produce.

We had no trick or treaters last night. None at all. This was fine by me, but some of the neighbors seemed disappointed that the children have disappeared. Times have changed. Now parents drive their kids across town to designated affluent areas with lots of candy. You either love or hate living on one of these streets. I'm glad our street isn't very popular.

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