Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 1784

Some days are filled with life changing experiences. Other days you just pick up dog poop. Today was one of those mundane Mondays filled with small but necessary tasks. Yes, I did clean up dog poop in the back yard this morning. I also took Dash to the vet to get his anal glands expressed, paid a couple of bills that were collecting dust on my desk, took them to the post office, and tried to repair my broken iPhone case with super glue when I returned. There were some routine website updates and client correspondence that I took care of right after breakfast, but I could have postponed the entire day until Tuesday if I wanted.

I can't really complain about uneventful days, since I seem to willingly allow them to happen. Frequently, I have vague plans to do something significant, but by the time I finish fixing breakfast, doing laundry and dishes, emptying the trash, running small errands, and attending to the dogs, the day is over. I tend to find comfort in keeping myself busy with small day-to-day chores and postpone the big things as long as possible. Maybe I've learned over the years that some of the "big" things aren't nearly as important or necessary as you might think.

When I got up this morning, there was a big possum staring at me through the living room window. I went outside and scared the thing away with a broom before letting the dogs out to pee. I don't know why possums are such frequent visitors to our yard, but we seem to see a lot of them. I always worry that one of the dogs might get hurt trying to tangle with a possum. I'm sure they'd think it was just an ugly cat and try to chase it, not realizing that a possum can be pretty nasty when cornered. I guess protecting the dogs from possums is an important thing, but it seems like a mundane thing since it happens so frequently.

I'm not a political person, but I'm very interested in seeing what happens tomorrow. I'm so disgusted with politicians that no matter which party is in power, I usually look forward to seeing a huge upset on election day. There is a certain satisfaction in throwing the bums out. I think our political system would be better if ordinary citizens served in congress instead of professional politicians. Maybe it could work like jury duty. If you got a random summons, you would be called to serve in congress for six months or a year. This would be unpaid public service. Everybody would have to serve, but nobody could get rich or run for re-election. Maybe something might actually get done if we didn't have an elite political class, consumed by power and controlled by special interests. Almost anything would be better than the mess we've got now.

It looked like it was going to rain all day, but I think the bad weather just got postponed until tomorrow. The forecast calls for thunderstorms starting about 10 AM. I hope this dismal forecast is wrong. I'm sure Dot and Dash hope it is wrong as well.

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