Saturday, December 6, 2014

Day 1817

One down, three to go. The general consensus was that our first Santa Paws photo event of the year was the best we've ever had. It was certainly the busiest we've ever had. I was exhausted. Usually there are no-shows where you can grab a sandwich or go to the bathroom, but not today. No only did everyone who made an appointment show up with their dogs, there were walk-ins as well. Santa and I were very busy.

When I was putting together the set before we got started this morning, I started to plug one of the strobe lights into the Norman power pack and suddenly realized that I had left both power packs at home. How could I have forgotten something so basic? Without the power packs for the strobes, you've got nothing. At any rate, we had to go all the way back to the house to get the power packs. Everything worked out fine because our first customer was late and so was the volunteer bringing Santa's Sleigh.

I'm probably getting too old for this. I lost count of the number of dogs we photographed today, but I do know there are almost 1000 images on the memory cards. By the time we wrapped things up, I could barely move. My back hurt. My knees hurt. And I had trouble focusing my eyes. The equipment held up pretty well. One of the radio strobe triggers broke, but luckily I had a backup with me. If I have time tonight, I need to figure out whether it is the transmitter or the receiver causing the problem. I hope I can fix this, because these little gizmos are fairly expensive.

Dot has certainly come a long way. A few months ago, we wouldn't have even considered leaving her at home for this length of time. She did fine though. She was sleeping peacefully when we returned from today's photoshoot and wasn't even anxious to go out and pee. We have been gradually reducing the amount of Incurin she takes and now she's down to only one half tablet once every four days. If her incontinence remains under control, we may be able to stop the medication entirely in a month or two.

Tomorrow we repeat everything we did today at a different location. I need to make myself a checklist to make sure I don't forget something important again. I hope whoever is doing the scheduling blocks out a little time for lunch tomorrow. Today's pace was a little overwhelming.

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