Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 1825

We're done! I don't know how we made it through this year's busy event schedule with a sick Santa and an even sicker photographer, but somehow we persevered. Today, along with our many customers, we photographed some of our own rescue dogs. Brown Sugar, shown here, is one of the reasons I continue to do these photos. She was so sick when she entered our program that the volunteer who helped transport her to Dallas was afraid she was going to die in the car before she could get her to our vet for an evaluation. Brown Sugar had a very serious case of heartworm disease that had already damaged her heart. Working with our vets, it took us almost a full year of treatment before we were able to get her healthy enough to adopt. It looks like Brown Sugar might have a good Christmas though, because I think she has finally found a home.

It was the photos we took at last year's Santa Paws events that helped pay for Brown Sugar's lengthy rehabilitation. Each and every year we have success stories like this and some of them, like today's Dog of the Day, return from time to time to let us know they are still doing OK. I'm way too tired and have too many aches and pains to do this sort of thing much longer, but helping these Dalmatians is one of the few worthwhile things I've ever done. I'm sure I'll be back next year. I love seeing these guys succeed against very long odds and find their forever homes. Santa and I tell the group that for each additional year we age, we need to make these events one hour shorter. Everybody just laughs, but we're serious. Five hours per event is a killer, especially when scheduled back to back. Maybe we'll feel differently next year when we're well again, but right now we're lobbying for four hour events.

I'm surprised that so many people came out today since it was cold and rainy all day. I feel bad about leaving Dot and Dash for so long on rainy days like this, but luckily Dot doesn't get as upset as she used to. Dot has always had a terrible phobia of storms, but now that she's getting older, she sleeps so soundly that she doesn't even hear them. I checked in on the dogs several times today using the nanny cam, and even though I could hear rain pounding on the roof, Dot was still sound asleep. Dash looked a little worried, but he always takes his cues from Dot. If it's OK with Dot, it's usually OK with Dash.

It's back to the dentist tomorrow. I need to get impressions made for a retainer that will keep my upper teeth in place during the long process of getting implants to replace the teeth I have damaged. I was really hoping to have a little more money next year now that the dogs cancer treatments are finally winding to a close. No such luck. It looks like as soon as the cancer bills end, the dental bills will begin.

Can you believe it's the middle of the month already? Thank goodness for Amazon. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet. Amazon always gives me a few extra days to procrastinate and I don't have to wrap the packages either. I don't think I'll ever wrap a package again.

Lance is today's Dalmatian of the Day
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